Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Our little pumpkin helping carve her first pumpkin. We look forward to this every single year! Before we were married Mike and I spent so much time apart because of our schools in different states, we missed out on so many memory making opportunities, so these little things are so important for us to do. 
We started carving our pumpkins together our first year in Maryland and we haven't missed one yet. 
Of course this year was even more memorable because Kensi was able to do it with us. She worked hard at punching little holes in the sides to help her daddy and had even more fun scooping the seeds and guts out of the pumpkin, then put them all back in the pumpkin. Let's not forget to mention she had an absolute ball feeding the pumpkin to Stella and sneaking a few bites and locks for herself. 

Once I started carving out her little pumpkin, she started running her eyes. We let her stay up for our special pumpkin carving fun, but she just couldn't last. She ended up falling asleep on my lap as I finished her cute little 'Boo!' pumpkin. She went to bed a total mess, as we did out best to wipe all the pumpkin goo out of her hair and off her face and pick as many seeds as we could find stuck all over her little butt and legs. 
All of our little family traditions are becoming more and more memorable as Kensi gets bigger. I can hardly wait until we have two little munchkins digging in all the goo! 

Happy Halloween Eve!!!

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