Saturday, October 12, 2013


Last year it was freezing when we took Kensi to Vala's Pumpkin Patch in Gretna, NE. It is by far the best patch we've been too and compare all others to it. Even though it was cold, somewhere in the 20's or 30's I believe and she was 4 months old, we had fun none the less! Okay, Mike and I had fun and Kensi kept warm and slept part way through. 

This year was a game changer and I mean a good one. No we couldn't go to Vala's since we're in NC, but we found a cute family owned pumpkin patch just outside of Jacksonville, NC called Mike's Pumpkin Patch...with just that...a pumpkin patch. They may not have had all the other activities we're use to, but we still had a lot of fun with our 16 month old. 
Kensi was so excited to see the tractor and called it 'Ganpa!' the first few times. She was nothing but smiles pulling the hay out of hay bales and sharing with Mike, me and the little girl sitting across from us. She kicked her feet and oooo-ed at the witch and ghost hanging in the trees. When daddy told her 'I spy orange pumpkins!' her eyes LIT UP.  Best. Moment. Ever! 
She's getting to be such a big little girl. Always wanting to do things herself, even walking off the hay ride and through the pumpkin patch, which included a face dive into the sandy dirt when tripping over a vine. Not her best moment, especially when she couldn't get up because she refused to let go of a pumpkin! Miss independent I tell ya! 
Once she finally chose which pumpkin she wanted to take home and show her Minnie and other baby, we rode back to the farm and finished our visit with meeting a few new friends and touching other babies' pumpkins. Typical life of a toddler, right? 

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